Works by Luther, Henry VIII, Locke, Hobbes, and Voltaire...what other early modern treasures lay nestled in Doheny Library at the University of Southern California? 

That is the question this website seeks to answer.

This website is a joint project between the USC department of Special Collections and Archives and the USC Department of History, in particular, students taking Hist 103: The Emergence of Modern Europe. The library has kindly opened its doors to students who search out the treasures of the Early Modern period hidden in their stacks. After finding a work from the period, the students then explore the text and tell us about their favorite page.

Recently Added Items

Mapping Human Understanding


Upon initial analysis of the book, it was in good condition. The edges of the cover were detailed with a gold leaf pattern and the paper edges of the…

Education or subjugation?: An Analysis of Rousseau’s Emilius and Sophia


From this picture, the message of Volume IV of Rousseau’s book is captured. This image reveals the condition and relationship between man and woman.…

A Book More Unorganized Than 18th Century British Rule


This book was bizarrely fashioned. The pages felt almost fabric-like and the lettering appeared to seem ingrained, but at the same time very dull.…