Works by Luther, Henry VIII, Locke, Hobbes, and Voltaire...what other early modern treasures lay nestled in Doheny Library at the University of Southern California? 

That is the question this website seeks to answer.

This website is a joint project between the USC department of Special Collections and Archives and the USC Department of History, in particular, students taking Hist 103: The Emergence of Modern Europe. The library has kindly opened its doors to students who search out the treasures of the Early Modern period hidden in their stacks. After finding a work from the period, the students then explore the text and tell us about their favorite page.

Recently Added Items

Learning about liberty from a Pocket book


The entire book is written in the form of letter, and thus Hobbes wrote this article in first person. It is interesting to read a philosophy book in…

Isaac Newton’s Interest Besides the Hard Science


Isaac Newton, highly known for his scientific achievements and works, shares of his other passion through works such as this one, Observations Upon…

The Church of Henry VIII

HenryVIII Book.jpg

Henry VIII was king during the time of the reformation. Henry VIII broke away from the catholic church as the pope refused to grant him a divorce.…